.. / Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)

VSTO is functionality available in Visual Studio, which allows the user to craft a .NET Office Add-in to be shipped with an office document.



Steps to exploitation using VSTO
		    Create a VSTO document (Word, Powerpoint, etc) embedded with a DLL file written in .NET and send it to any user. Once the user opens the documents and approves the "Add-In" installation, code will be executed.
Usecase: Initial Access to the system
Privileges required: User interaction/User
MITRE ATT&CK®: T1204.002


Setting up persistence using VSTO
		    Utilize a different VSTO payload "Add-In" and include the code for any of the persistence techniques. After successful installation, persistence will be achieved. For more information, see "VSTO-POC" in references.
Usecase: Persistence
Privileges required: User interaction/User
MITRE ATT&CK®: T1137.006